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After refurbishment picture of a garage, with brown electric door, white fascias and white galvanized steel roof

Tips to keep your garage clean and tidy

Having a garage provides the ideal place to store your car, gardening equipment or anything you don’t have room for in your home. The extra space is great for working, doing laundry or even socialising, but only if things are kept clean and tidy. Very quickly, out of sight can get out of hand and when a garage isn’t kept organised, the space that you once loved can become an unsafe, unsightly mess.

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After replacement image of a garage roof which has been replaced by VSF with galvanized steel

Should I Insulate My Garage?

Insulating your garage may be the perfect solution if you feel it has the potential to be a great extension to your home, whether you use it as an office space, a bedroom or a playroom for example, there is no doubt the garage has evolved.

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What materials are used on garages and why?

Understanding what materials we use to build your garage is a great place to start. But most importantly, knowing why we use these materials will help to ensure your final design is perfectly suited to your space and your needs. Here we will discuss the potential options available, explaining their benefits and why they do or don’t feature in our builds.

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This is an image showcasing some of our work, in this case a garage refurbishment, with garage roof replacement and new side doors and windows

Garage Maintenance Guide

Here at VSF, we believe that our customer support shouldn’t simply end once you’ve had your product installed by us, whether that is a new garage or a garage roof refurbishment.

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A leaky carport refurbishment

A local customer contacted us as they were interested in what they could do with their leaking carport. They thought it was a waste of space as they didn’t really use that part of the driveway for parking cars etc and wanted our professional recommendation on what they could do with it.

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