VSF are the UK’s leading garage specialists, with an upper tier waste carriers license. This authorises us in the removal of the types of asbestos present in garage roofs. So if you have an asbestos garage roof, don’t worry we still have you recovered . We can remove and dispose of it safely, whilst providing you with a high quality replacement.

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How can you tell if you have an asbestos garage roof?

Asbestos garage roofs are made of a compound of asbestos and cement fibres, which makes it quite difficult to tell as they look similar to concrete garage roofs. Asbestos was used in buildings up to 1999, which means it could be in roughly 90% of UK homes. That’s why we follow a general rule of treating any roof that appears to match the criteria of asbestos, as asbestos.

Top down image of a detached garage prior to its asbestos garage roof removal and new garage roof installationTop down image of a detached garage following its asbestos garage roof removal and new garage roof installation

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What precautions are taken when we remove your asbestos garage roof?

VSF take your safety seriously, which is why we take measures to ensure that any removal of asbestos garage roof’s is done to UK health and safety standards. This keeps you, our workers and the environment safe.

Whats Included?

Close up image of an asbestos garage roof

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Frequently Asked Asbestos Questions

Find the answers to commonly asked questions regarding asbestos garage roofs and also how VSF can help you safely remove and dispose of your old Asbestos Garage Roof.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring material that was widely used in buildings until its outlawing in 1999. It can be very harmful if breathed in, causing scarring of the lungs. That's why all our installers are trained in the safe disposal, to keep both you and themselves safe. 

Removing an asbestos garage roof yourself isn't recommended. You can put yourself, your family and your neighbours at risk, not to mention putting yourself at risk of a fine if the removal or disposal isn't done to health and safety standards. 

At VSF we have a specialised vehicle which allows for the safe transportation of the asbestos to a licensed disposal site. We will then provide you with a certificate verifying it has been safely disposed of. 

Here at VSF we only offer the safe disposal of the old roof, along with the installation of our Plasticol Coated Galvanized Steel Roofing Sheets. Many customers don’t want to replace the roof due to cost, however we guarantee all our work for 10 years and therefore don’t want to carry out short term solutions. Repair work such as patching the roof or applying a paint coating are short term solutions that don’t solve the problem

If you need help at any part of the journey, call in to speak with one of our advisors who will be happy to help with any issues you're having. 

What's next?

All of the services we offer at VSF can include the safe removal and disposal of an asbestos garage roof during a garage revamp or new garage build.

Top down image of a detached garage following its asbestos garage roof removal and new garage roof installation

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Here at VSF, we have no preference which of our products you choose and our advisors will not suggest products they don’t think are right for you. We will find the most cost-efficient method, tailored to your preferences, in other words your satisfaction is our concern.

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How We Work

We work with
3 simple steps

At VSF, we feel that providing full clarity on the garage refurbishment process from start to finish is best as it helps our customers to work around us, and know what to expect.

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Pre installation

We will contact you via telephone to arrange a mutually convenient time to carry out a technical survey at your property. This allows us to arrive on the installation date, with everything we'll need. An installation date with then be arrange with one of our approved installers.

Project Planning

On the installation date, we will just need access to the garage. If you choose to go out, we can call you in advance of the work being finished to reduce any inconvenience. All work will be carried out in line with all Risk Assessment Method Statement specific to your installation.

Post installation

Following your installation, paperwork will be issues by email as standard (paper versions can be requested upon request). Your paperwork will contain a final invoice highlighting the balance has been paid in full, with a breakdown of each payment, some maintenance tips and also your asbestos removal certificate if applicable.