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Garage Maintenance Guide – Customers

This is an image showcasing some of our work, in this case a garage refurbishment, with garage roof replacement and new side doors and windows


Have you recently had a new garage installed? Or maybe you have refurbished your original garage? In order to increase longevity, not compromise security and also keep the aesthetic it had when it was first built, this guide will assist you in doing just that. Take our professional advice on how to maintain your garage door and keep it operating at its best, as well keeping your roof and windows looking great.

This is an image from after a garage refurbishment, showing the new white garage door and white fascias

Garage Door Maintenance

Generic garage door maintenance

    • Visually inspecting your garage and its mechanisms is a simple way of spotting any issues with its functionality. Close the door and have a look at all the components such as the springs, hinges, rollers and cables. If any look out of place or are worn, this could mean that your garage is insecure and should be fixed as early as possible.
    • Lubricate all mechanical components with a lubricant like WD40 then wipe clean and apply a 3 in 1 oil for a smooth operation. 
  • Regularly clean to stop the buildup of dirt, with dirt buildup both impacting the aesthetics of your door, as well as accelerating the rate at which your garage door wears out. 

Testing your garage door

There are two types of tests you can apply to the garage door to ensure it is working properly. 

Balance test

The first is the door balance test which involves lifting the closed door with the automatic opener off and determining whether it lifts smoothly and remains fully open– if not – call a trained technician. 

Force setting test

The second test is the force setting test; for this you need to open the garage door fully then close it using wall opener or whatever you may have. As the door closes, if the door does not automatically reverse when you lift against the motion, the force settings are too great, and you need to contact a technician.

This is an image of a refurbished detached garage, with the garage door being done in white, as well as the garage roof and fascias
This is in an image of a one of our garage refurbishments, with pebble dash coating, galvanized steel garage roof and doors and fascias in white

Specific garage door maintenance 

Garage doors come in all different materials and specific materials require specific types of maintenance. Apply the following points that are relevant to the door that you have.  

Wooden garage doors

If you have a wooden garage door that is painted, make sure to recoat it one a year to prevent warping. Furthermore, ensure any weather stripping on the bottom does not prevent the door from opening or closing. 

Steel garage doors

Steel garage doors on the other hand are long-lasting and sturdy – however, they are susceptible to rust if it has been exposed through the paint. If any paint is chipped, paint over the area and apply a full new coat to the door to avoid attack from rust. 

 Fibreglass garage doors

Lastly, fibreglass doors do not require as much maintenance as the previous doors mentioned, other than cleaning, however they are susceptible to cracking in cold weather. If this does occur, make sure you replace the door straight away as it can compromise safety and security.

Garage Roof Maintenance

Guaranteeing maximum longevity in regard to the roof of the garage is very important. Make sure to remove debris from the roof as twigs, leaves and branches can accumulate. Even though the roofs of most garages are concrete or galvanised steel, this build up can still potentially cause rot to any wooden parts of the structure. Reduce this risk further by trimming back nearby trees so that it eliminates the danger of them hammering the roof during storms. 

Similar to the previous point, it is important to clean out any drains and gutters than may form part of the garage roof. This will keep the drainage system effective and prevent water build up. No one wants a leaky roof, so ensure you examine the roof for possible leaks such as in the joints or areas of sealant, and if any are found, call a professional to fix the issue before it worsens. However, if you choose to take it upon yourself to fix the damage, be careful up there!

After replacement image of a garage roof which has been replaced by VSF with galvanized steel
Close up image of double glazed garage windows in split two window style, with reinforced frames

Cleaning Your Garage Door Windows and Garage Windows

There are a few things that you should be aware of when cleaning your garage door windows and garage windows. Firstly, you should never use a pressure washer – perfect for brick and patios but not for windows! Next, you should never mix bleach and detergents dissolved in water as this can cause harmful fumes. Finally, never clean the windows in direct sunlight as the sun will dry out the chemicals in the cleaning products you have applied, leaving smears and streaks which we do not want.


We at VSF hope this information has been useful and you can take it away to apply to your own garage. Garage maintenance may not be at the forefront of most people’s minds, however if left too long you will regret neglecting it and will have to deal with costly repairs and maintenance that could be avoided. 

We know you can handle the cleaning and minor repairs but remember with any serious repairs always call a trained technician. Sometimes, a new garage refurbishment or new garage installation will be necessary, but don’t worry, we are the UK’s leading garage refurbishment specialists, so we definitely have you covered. We offer refurbishments, asbestos roof replacements and garage new builds so get in touch!

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