Garage roof replacements are our most popular service here at VSF and there’s a reason why. As asbestos garage roofs and others approach the end of their use by date, they can cause leaking as the roof sheets crack. While some may offer a patch up or waterproof coating, we don’t recommend this short term solution.



All of our garage installers are certified in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos. Why?

Because 9/10 of ten home were built prior to 1999 , when asbestos was made illegal, which makes it possible you could have a asbestos garage roof. If necessary, you will be provided with a certificate of disposal. This ensures that the process is done correctly and you don’t get stuck with any hefty fines.

Before image prior to a garage refurbishment and roof replacement, showing an old and worn garageAfter image of a galvanized steel garage roof replacement and garage refurbishment

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Plastisol Coated Galvanized Steel Garage Roof

As standard, we use Plasticol Coated Galvanized steel box profiling sheets for our garage roofs. These have a modern appearance, as well as having a wide range of benefits for garage roofing. They also come in a wide range of colours so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your taste.

 A specialized felt backing is installed to the underside of all roofing sheets to prevent and trap any condensation that may occur during the colder months

This prevents weathering and keeps your garage roof maintenance free

This comes as standard with all roof replacements, this boxes the job in to protect your garage from adverse weather.


Here's What We Offer

As standard, our new garage roofs are galvanized steel. However, we also offer rubber garage roofs which have some unique benefits. Whichever roofing type you go with, you can be sure it will be to VSF’s high quality. 

We’ll all been in a musty garage before and we know it’s not nice, let alone issues with damp and mold. That’s why all our garages include maintenance free condensation control as a standard as well.

 We also have a variety of different roof styles for all our garage roofs so you can be sure there is one for you.


Why choose VSF for your garage roof replacement?

Here’s just a couple of reasons you might want to consider VSF for your garage roof refurbishment. 

Your Satisfaction
is our concern

Here at VSF, we have no preference which of our products you choose and our advisors will not suggest products they don’t think are right for you. We will find the most cost-efficient method, tailored to your preferences, in other words your satisfaction is our concern.

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How We Work

We work with
3 simple steps

At VSF, we feel that providing full clarity on the garage refurbishment process from start to finish is best as it helps our customers to work around us, and know what to expect.

Pre installation

We will contact you via telephone to arrange a mutually convenient time to carry out a technical survey at your property. This allows us to arrive on the installation date, with everything we'll need. An installation date with then be arrange with one of our approved installers.


On the installation date, we will just need access to the garage. If you choose to go out, we can call you in advance of the work being finished to reduce any inconvenience. All work will be carried out in line with all Risk Assessment Method Statement specific to your installation.

Post Installation

Following your installation, paperwork will be issues by email as standard (paper versions can be requested upon request). Your paperwork will contain a final invoice highlighting the balance has been paid in full, with a breakdown of each payment, some maintenance tips and also your asbestos removal certificate if applicable.