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Garage Replacement Planning & Regulations

This is an after refurbishment picture of a garage refurbishment, showing the new white garage door and white fascias

Garages building regulations and planning permission

When it comes to garage roof replacement & refurbishment, it can be confusing as to whether you have to obtain approved planning permission to carry out the alterations. Unfortunately, there are limitations when it comes to certain modifications you might wish to carry out so we hope this article will provide you with all you need to know. That way you are informed of exactly what to do if you ever decide to spruce up your garage and will hopefully answer any questions regarding planning permissions. We also go into whether you need planning permission for a garage refurbishment if you live within a conservation area.  

Do I need planning permission for a garage roof replacement?

Garage refurbishments are a popular thing to do rather than build a garage from scratch, they are usually much more cost effective than a complete rebuild. As long as you only carry out internal work and do not make the garage larger, you will not usually require planning permission. That being said, be sure to examine your permitted development rights if you live on a housing estate or within a conservation area. These rights are regulated by your local planning authority and are important because some properties may have some restrictions. 

If you are converting your garage, the same will apply as you will not often require planning permission due to it being primarily internal work during a refurbishment. However, as mentioned above, checking your permitted development rights is always best before starting any work, just to be sure. 

Do I need planning permission to extend my garage?

When extending a garage, you do not need to seek planning permission as long as your garage does not exceed higher than 4 metres (13ft), which is considered a reasonable height. However, if you wish to extend higher, for example to incorporate a room above, or intend for the garage to cover more than half of the land occupied by the main house, you will need to obtain planning permission. 

Do I need planning permission to work on my garage if I live in a conservation area?

A conservation area is a designated area of special architectural or historic interest that is preserved due to its uniqueness. If you live within one, there are unfortunately limits to what work you carry out on your property. To find out if you live within a conservation area, you can contact your local planning authority who can provide details on when it was created, the boundaries of it and the reason for its creation. 

In most cases it is work to the outside of the building or to any trees on the property that has restrictions. This can also include garage roof replacement so by any chance you do live within one, then sometimes permitted development rights have been removed. Therefore, you will need to obtain planning permission to carry out any works.

Do I need planning permission to do internal work on my garage?

If your permitted development rights allow it, any internal work you wish to carry out inside your garage will not usually require planning permission, providing the building is not enlarged. Incorporating a bar into your garage for example is absolutely fine. 


If you are unsure on any regulations that may apply – get in touch! We have been dealing with this since 2009 and would be more than happy to advise you on the best option for you to get the end result you are looking for.


Hopefully you are now clued up on whether your relevant garage works require planning permission or not. Remember, whether you are refurbishing your garage, are in need of maintenance, or you want a brand new one, check out the VSF website; we are your one-stop shop for all your garage needs. Discover for yourself why we are the UK’s market leader!

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