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Here at V.S.F we aim to fulfill all of our customers needs as precisely as possible, personalizing each and every job we install to satisfy our customers. Whether it’s a new garage roof and facias boards, to an entire new garage.

One of our most visible features that V.S.F installs is a new garage door. Upon an enquiry one of our specialist surveyors will visit the property and give their advice into what type of new garage door is most suitable for your circumstances.

We have 3 types of garage doors to offer, these being an Up & Over, Side Opening garage door and the more recent development, the “Smartpass” garage door. Below you will find a more in depth description of the different types of doors, including the features of the different types, the different styles available and the colours that they are available in. Following these descriptions you will find the additional features available, so you can build your perfect new garage door. 

Guarantee, all our garage doors come with a 2 year mechanical breakdown warranty

Up and over garage door - standard range

Our most popular garage door we have to offer is the classic up & over, the most common type of garage door. Getting its name from the movement of its mechanism, most people will realize what type of garage door we are referring to.

Our up and over doors come in range of different materials, made from steel, timber and composite GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). Each of these materials has their specific benefits in their own right, here at V.S.F we can explain these and find you your ideal garage door.  

Steel up and over doors are generally the most popular option available on the market, due to its renowned reliability over the years in construction. A steel up and over door will ensure you’re garage is strong and secure, whilst also providing a good look that will stay maintenance free for the years to come. These are available in a range of styles and colours, to ensure V.S.F meet your requirements as accurately as possible.

*All Steel Up & Over Doors are available with either a canopy or retractable lifting gear 

V.S.F also offer Composite GRP Garage Doors, a more recent and innovative material that makes it maintenance free. GRP is a dent resistant with a better strength to weight ratio than steel, making them ideal for someone who would prefer a lighter garage door. These doors are free from joints, rivets, seams and fastenings, adding to its good looks.

Side hinged garage door - premium range

Here at V.S.F we have a range of Steel Side-Hinged Doors to offer, to complement your garage refurbishment. This type of garage door can be deemed so popular due to its simplicity. The openings of these doors can be adjusted to cater your needs, with the openings being available in the following; 50:50, 1/3 and 2/3, if you have any questions regarding any of our doors please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Smart pass, up and over, & hinged - premium

Our “Smartpass” garage doors are the newest, most innovative garage door available on the market. The only garage door that allows you to open it two ways, as a side door as shown in our side hinged doors, it also allows you to open it upwards identically to our up and over doors available. This garage door is ideal for people who use their garage frequently as would prefer an easily accessible side door option as well as opening it vertically.

Roller shutter garage door - our premium range

Our roller shutter doors provides ultimate access. They come in a variety of colours to fit your existing colour schemes.

These doors come with manual and electric options.

Sectional garage door - our exclusive range

Ask our experts about our exclusive range of sectional garage doors. They really are the ultimate garage door, and come in a variety of styles and colours.

Electric garage door operators

We offer a range of electric door operators to suit the new door you choose. These operators are available with internal and external switches, and remote control fobs.

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