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Should I Insulate My Garage?

Close up image of an asbestos garage roof

Insulating your garage may be the perfect solution if you feel it has the potential to be a great extension to your home, whether you use it as an office space, a bedroom or a playroom for example, there is no doubt the garage has evolved. This is becoming more and more common with rising house prices, so many people are looking to make the most of their space. This blog will provide advice on a range of common questions that crop up when deciding whether to proceed with garage insulation.

Should I insulate my garage?

Now this depends on what you are aiming to use your garage for. Different uses will not require insulation as much as others. In a lot of cases such as a home gym you may be active and generate your own warmth, however having a good quality garage is a prerequisite for not wanting to insulate – a garage of good quality will keep out wind and damp! However, if you wish to use your garage as a home office or bar, insulating is definitely something you should do as this will keep the room warm all year round – you do not want it to be cold and uninviting – as well as keeping your energy bills down!

How am I going to use my garage?

There are a range of different ways you can utilise your garage. As discussed above, a home gym can be a great motivator for getting yourself active as I’m sure every avid gym-goer struggles with getting themselves to the gym some days, especially if you do not live nearby. Not only is it a stone’s throw away, it is your own private space to pump some iron. This is an example of the sort of space that would not really require insulation as you will be creating your own heat by working out – that is if you are working hard enough! 

If you are the creative and artistic type, then maybe a home art studio would be more your preference of what to use your garage for. There are opportunities for natural light by the use of a window or if there is no window in the garage, then maybe a garage side door. It is probably a good idea to have insulation if this is what you are going to do as I’m sure you’d rather be nice and warm whilst creating your masterpieces. 

You may want to use your garage space for social reasons such as having a bar in there to have friends over. This can be ideal if you do not want to disturb anyone in the house, you have you own private space for chilling out with some music on maybe. This is another example of a scenario where you definitely want to be insulating your garage for this use.

How do I insulate a concrete garage and how much does it cost?

To break this down, insulating a concrete garage is split into 3 categories – the roof, walls and floor. There are many different types of insulation available, and the complexity of the job and the type of insulation needed will depend on whether the garage is attached to the home, or it is detached. Stud walls are an option to insulate detached garages. 

Is your garage roof flat or pitched? If your roof is pitched, then your best choice is warm roof insulation. This is the easiest and most cost-effective type as it involves attaching insulation to the floor decking and rafters, offering the most thermal protection. If your garage roof is flat however, the option would be cold roof insulation, which is only easy to install at the build phase, so this is definitely something to consider if you haven’t yet built your garage. Don’t worry if you already have though and this insulation is something you are doing retrospectively! It will just simply more time consuming to install. Cold roof insulation gets its name not due to the fact is doesn’t work as the name seems the suggest, but more that it is slightly less efficient that warm roof insulation due to the rafters not being insulated. Insulating the floor of the garage will provide extra warmth but before you do anything, make sure the ground is flat and moisture-free. Next, choose between rigid foam insulation or wood foam insulation or ‘wood sleepers’. When it comes to a price for all this, there is simply no fixed price as it varies so much dependant on the garage itself and its requirements – one type of insulation may be enough, or you may need to go with all three.

How do you insulate a garage roof?

The insulation required on a garage roof can vary depending on the type, with some roofs being flat, pitched or even having a room above it.  As discussed above, the cost-effective warm roof insulation is suited for pitched roofs whereas the option for flat roofs is cold roof insulation. After deciding which type you require, you can then choose from spray foam, fibreglass or rigid boards. It is a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons of each and consider the purpose of your garage also.

This is a top down image of one of VSF's garage refurbishments, with the garage door, roof, window and side door in white

How can insulation create a sound barrier?

By insulating a concrete garage, this reduces the amount of sound that can pass through. This is great news for your neighbours if you aim to use your garage as a workshop or for band practice! 

How can insulation make your garage more secure?

When thieves enter a home, they typically look for the easiest point of entry – this is usually the garage! Therefore, it is imperative that you insulate your garage in order to increase privacy and security, as insulation adds another layer making it harder for thieves to gain access.


Insulating your garage will provide warmth in those cold winter months, provide sound proofing and even increase the value of your home. Remember to check out the rest of the VSF website if you are considering having a new garage built or for garage refurbishment work. We hope this advice has been helpful but if you do have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch – there is a reason we are the UK’s number 1 garage refurbishment specialists!

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