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An example of one of VSF's new garage installations, with the garage roof white galvanized steel, electric garage door and pebble dash exterior

Please find below a list of hints and tips to ensure that all parts are kept in the best condition:

To clean uPVC items simply wipe clean with warm soapy water.

1. Avoid using abrasive cloths or pads as this will take away the shine.

2. Occasionally lubricate any movable parts i.e. hinges, locks and springs etc.

3. Roofing sheets lined with Drip Stop anti-condensation material provide a medium for trapping any moisture in the specially designed pockets formed in the membrane. Drip Stop holds the moisture until conditions go back below the dew point. The moisture is then released back into the air as normal humidity. Anti-condensation liner requires good air circulation around the sheet to allow water held by the liner to evaporate away. We recommend that eaves and ridges are left open but if you
insist on using foam fillers please allow for air circulation. If your roof does not have sufficient ventilation you may find that in some instances (e.g. cold weather) the anti-condensation liner may appear wet.

4. If your roof requires cleaning, please do this without standing on the roof.

5. If it is absolutely necessary to get on your roof you must stand on boards to spread
the weight. This will reduce the risk of creasing or dinting the roof sheets.

How to spot Asbestos in your Garage Roof

How to spot Asbestos in your Garage Roof

If you believe that your garage roof contains asbestos – please get in touch with us to arrange its safe removal.

All you need to know about asbestos roofing

All you need to know about asbestos roofing

Concerned about asbestos in your commercial or residential roof? This article will tell you all you need to know from grants to processes.

How do you know if your garage roof has asbestos?

How do you know if your garage roof has asbestos?

Here’s a recent case study from one of customers where we refurbished their garage after removing the asbestos garage roof