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New Garage Roof - Roofing Sheets 

Here at V.S.F we use ensure the best materials are used throughout the refurbishment process, giving our customers the best service possible. For your new garage roof we use Plastisol Coated Galvanized Steel. Our box profile roofing sheets are a key factor to the success to the garage refurbishments we undertake, due to its modern appearance and technical features they hold. Below you will be able to find all of the technical information regarding the roofing sheets V.S.F provide with your new garage roof.

Our roofing sheets are made from Plastisol Coated Galvanized Steel. This premium material is used to keep your roofing sheets as maintenance free as possible. All of the sheets are bespoke to your garage roof; we will not cut the roofing sheets as this can result in the loss of galvanize, which can cause issues in the future.

Upon an order for your new garage roof, you choose your roofing sheets. “Goosewing Grey” is standard, you can see this colour below as an example. We offer this colour within our standard package. However we do aim to satisfy our customers as accurately as possible, therefore we do offer the other colours below upon enquiry.

Roofing sheets - optional colours

Roof Styles

EDPM Firestone Rubber Roofs

Here at V.S.F we use EDPM Firestone Rubber Roofing products, to ensure the highest quality products are used to install your new rubber roof. EPDM Firestone rubber is the most renowned rubber roofing solution on the market, due to its quality over the years. A 100% cured single-ply roofing membrane made from an Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Terpolymer. Its unique and innovative design makes it extremely durable and water tight, which allows the material to lead the market in rubber roofing solutions.

• Durability – Our EDPM Firestone Rubber have unmatched resistance to ozone, UV radiation and hot or cold temperatures and have an estimated life expectancy of 50 years.
• Seamless – Your roofing solution membrane will arrive and be installed in one single sheet, to add to it’s durability and slick look.
• Very low lifecycle cost - Once your roofing solution is installed, little or no maintenance costs should be associated with your roof. 

Condensation Control

Drip Stop Condensation Control, On the inside of our roofing sheets we have an additional feature called “Dripstop Condensation Control”, this is one of our most unique and useful features to our garages. Our Dripstop Condensation Control includes our roofing sheets containing a felt membrane on the inside of the roofing sheets. This is so crucial as it eliminates the chances of condensation from the roofing sheets, which is a common problem associated with garage roofing. The felt membrane is used to trap the moisture caused through condensation and prevent them from dripping in your garage, whilst staying maintenance free for the owner. Dripstop Condensation Control is a standard feature included in any garage refurbishment as we feel this feature is essential for any garage to ensure their new garage is to a high standard whilst remaining as maintenance free as possible.

Guarantee, our Plastisol coated galvanized steel roofing sheets, and our Firestone rubber roofs come with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee.

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