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Our customer charter makes it crystal clear what you can expect from V.S.F from start to finish of your project. We are committed to providing all our customers with a high level of quality service. You can trust us to

• Do what we say we will do
• Listen and then help you find solutions that meet your needs.
• Never sell or provide services that are unwarranted or not applicable
• Be helpful, polite, courteous, treat you fairly and with the utmost respect
• Be sympathetic and understanding of your circumstances
• Deal with your request(s) the first time you contact us – or as soon as possible
• Keep you informed during the whole sales / installation process
• Rectify any problems that may occur
• Listen to your views and use your feedback to improve our processes.
• Use the highest quality materials for your project
• Use highly skilled workforce to provide you with the best service possible
• Comply with all health & safety regulations and all current legislation.
• Honor all guarantees that we offer to our customers
• Keep all your personal information safe

We acknowledge that on very rare occasions things with your project can go wrong. If you are dissatisfied with your installation or part of our service then we would like to know. If you need to contact us about your installation you can do so with the following contact details. 

Further details of our terms and conditions

Website Use Terms & Conditions

This website has been designed and developed for people who are consumers. The information contained and held on this website is currently in English and all correspondence will be in English. The website is designed to comply with English law. This website is operated by VSF Ltd, company number 07034041 - registered in England and Wales. Our registered office is Gail House, Hudcar Lane, Bury, BL9 6EX. Our VAT registration number is 973 2021 37. For all intents and purposes, we are a private limited company.

The copyright of this website and its contents (including design, text, logos, trade names, graphics and any other material) are owned by VSF Ltd. You are prohibited from publishing, copying, distributing or modifying the content contained in this website. Anyone may view this website and print pages from it for personal use only, for browsing our available services and enquiring through us. Any other use is strictly prohibited without written consent. You must not make any copy of any material from the website for any business-related use.

Although the greatest of care has been taking in preparing and producing this website, our Directors, Employees or other company representatives, will not be responsible for any damages, losses or costs as a result of using our website. We will strive to keep the information contained on our website completely up-to-date, unfortunately we are unable to guarantee this. We may alter or remove content on our website at any point without prior notice. We may provide links to other websites (e.g. suppliers / partners). These are provided for transparency and for your convenience. We are not responsible for the content contained in these websites or your use of them. We cannot guarantee that the content contained in these web pages is completely error-free or virus free. You are reminded to adopt safe-browsing methods when accessing the internet and its content.

Information that is submitted through our website should be accurate and truthful. You are prohibited from using information about any other person unless you have their permission to do so. You must not submit information that is abusive, obscene, sexist, racist, unlawful, discriminatory or information that would cause offence to a person. You are strictly prohibited from ‘attacking’ this website. This may be in the form of, but not limited to viruses, injection techniques, DDoS, worms, spam or other harmful practices. We are not liable for any loss or damage that is suffered as result of harmful material infecting your computer, mobile device, literature etc due to your use of this website. We may, at any point, refuse access to anyone who is in breach of these terms.

Our Contract Terms

VSF is engaged in the supplying and management of replacement sectional garage and brick garage roofing materials, doors, windows and uPVC products. Also, the management of the safe removal of asbestos cement fibre sheets and its disposal. VSF recommends teams of approved skilled tradesmen whom have all current certification removing asbestos, at heights, Manual handling and current H&S regulations. They hold valid waste carriers licenses, who will carry out your installation with minimum fuss and disruption and with care and consideration for your property. Alternatively, you can make your own installation arrangements.

Some important points:

1. Payment in full is due on delivery of your order.
2. Credit Card payments are subject to a charge of 3%.
3. If for any reason we are unable to complete part of the contract a reasonable amount equalling the works not carried out will be withheld from the balance until this work is completed.
3a. All materials are pre-ordered and manufactured 11 days prior to your delivery week commencing date. Any postponement required by the client after this date will be accepted although full contract price for the materials will become due at original delivery date. Payment for installation will become due to your installer on completion of installation.
4. All contracts are subject to acceptance only after a full Technical Survey and Price Check has been completed by VSF.
5. In consultation with you, specifications of materials and work carried out may be altered if considered more suitable.
6a. Timbers will only be replaced if deemed necessary. ie rotten or if agreed in advance. This will keep our cost as competitive as possible and will also reduce our carbon footprint.
6b. Our individual steel roof sheets manufactured to a maximum size of 1m width x 8m length as standard. Nonstandard sheets up to 11.5m in length can be obtained upon request but these would include handling and transportation charges, included in your contract agreed price. 6c. Seamless rubber roof sheets are supplied to a maximum size of 30.5m x 6.1 m as standard. Jointing would be necessary above these sizes.
7. We cannot be responsible for design or structural defects in a building that may affect your installation.
7a. VSF cannot accept any responsibility for damage caused to goods or property, during the installation procedure. Please advise the operatives of any valuable goods you wish to have removed during the installation.
8. Although the intention is to improve your garage to the highest standard we can only improve it as much a the existing garage allows and by what materials are available. New products may not match existing products due to age of existing structures.
9. Although all products used for our roofing systems are of the highest standard and chosen specifically to reduce or eliminate condensation, no guarantee can be made against this occurring.
10. Making good will be carried out only on areas disturbed by your installers.
11. Any remedial work will be rectified within 10 working days of your call, weather permitting.
12. All goods remain the property of VSF Ltd until paid for in full.

Our Guarantees: VSF Guarantee all products installed by VSF approved installers or otherwise installed to the specification of the manufacturer’s instructions for a period of: Rubber roofs are guaranteed for a period of 25 years. Plastisol Coated steel roofs are guaranteed for a period of 25 years. All garage doors are guaranteed from mechanical breakdown for a period of 5 years. U.P.V.C. Fascia Boards and all U.P.V.C. work are guaranteed for a period of 10 years. U.P.V.C. Windows are guaranteed for a period of 10 years. All guarantees become active when the contract balance is PAID IN FULL.

The Contract serves as: To Supply materials only as listed. The Company agrees to quantify and deliver all materials, skips etc. and co-ordinate the arrival of such items. The Company to provide a list of Approved Installers. Inspection of the installation upon completion to be carried out by VSF Ltd. (These are carried out during day light hours, although no appointment in necessary. External inspection is satisfactory for guarantee purposes). Upon satisfactory inspection your guarantee will become active.

Changing your mind: As a consumer, you have 14 days to cancel the contract if you so wish. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our Contract, it can be cancelled, and your deposit refunded by giving notice in writing or by email. The cancellation period will commence the day of receipt of a notice in writing of the right to cancel the contract (below).

Write to us at Gail House, Hudcar Lane, Bury, Lancashire BL9 6EX or email sales@vsfgaragerepairsuk.com In your own interest, any cancellation should be sent by recorded delivery. Alternatively fill in the cancellation form at the bottom of the order form. Notice is served as soon as the cancellation is sent.

The above terms form a binding contract between us and you. Both parties acknowledge this. You are not permitted to transfer or assign your contractual obligations to another entity without our prior consent. If any clause in this contract is deemed to be void by any Court or authoritative party, then all other clauses will remain in force and will continue to be applied. This contract is subject to English law and both parties agree that any dispute that is forthcoming will be decided in the court system in England. We may amend the contract terms contained above and in our literature at any point without prior notice or following changes to legislation. The contract in its entirety will supersede and replace any prior literature including quotations or offers whether verbally, hard-copy or electronic.

Our Processes

VSF Ltd offer our services and products to a wide client base. We provide quotations via two ways; face-to-face consultations and via the Internet.

Face-to-face consultations are completed during the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. This option is available to all prospective customers. Face-to-face consultations are provided via clients that expressly request our services by providing us with their personal information via telephoning our office or via our website. This type of quotation is pre-arranged generally 2-3 days in advance. These consultations typically last between 20 minutes and upwards of an hour depending on the complexity of the job and the number of questions that are raised during the consultation. This type of consultation is more thorough than via the Internet as we are to able to view and accurately assess all work(s) that is required to finer detail. Although this carries an increased cost to you, we are able to offer the best advice available. We always recommend that if you live alone and would like to arrange a face-to-face consultation that you have a family member of friend present during the consultation.

All face-to-face consultations can be cancelled prior to the appointment date and time. There is no obligation to proceed with the consultation. There are no costs associated with the consultation.

All of our Consultants generally are not from your local area. This will incur an additional cost for travelling and occasionally accommodation. This is calculated amongst the number of clients that are being seen so during quieter periods, this cost generally increases.

Internet Sales are carried out in-house by our Internet Sales Team. This option is available to all prospective customers.

We offer this service, so we can provide quotations to customers who lead busy schedules due to work and other commitments and are unable to allocate time and resources for a face-to-face consultation. Internet Sales are provided using 3rd party imaging software along with customer information that is supplied via telephone or via our website. Internet sales may be subject to customer participation to gather correct measurements and descriptions of proposed requirements being provided beforehand or during the quotation period. Internet sales can reduce the overall costs. This includes savings of the costs of consulting, travelling expenses and accommodation due to the nationwide coverage, Internet sales are regularly used to fill in gaps to our installation order book, so we can maximise our installation costs.

VSF Ltd may from time to time buy products or offer services we provide in bulk to further incentivise our quotations.

Our Marketing Strategies

VSF Ltd market our company, its services and products via a range of methods. These include, but are not limited to;
• Leaflet marketing
• Magazine advertising
• Internet advertising (including pay-per-click)
• Van fleet livery
• Existing customer recommendations

We do not operate any unsolicited telemarketing or canvassing.

We require the marketing source from all prospective clients from the information provided via telephone or via our website for our own records and nothing else.

VSF Ltd may from time to time run promotional materials and offers which may be subject to further discount levels if a valid reference is provided beforehand from our marketing materials.

VSF Ltd may from time to time request photographs of completed refurbishments from its customers to aid in its marketing of the company, its services and on-going improvement. Customers are under no obligation to provide such consent.

Contact Details
For clarity, our contact details are as follows;

Head Office
Gail House, Hudcar Lane, Bury, BL9 6EX

Other Locations
Unit 9, Freetown Business Park, Bury, BL9 6EG
Dunlop Warehouse, Cressex Business Park, Lincoln Road, High Wycombe, HP12 3QZ

0800 917 9550 or 0161 763 4866
Calls are charged at no more than the standard rate


Call our team on 0800 917 9550

National coverage with local service

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